Bimini Pride Day - South Bimini Beach Clean-Up!

Saturday, May 21st, was the first ever Bimini Pride Day. The event was set to be an island-wide clean-up that tackled the litter and trash accumulated along the roadsides & beaches of Bimini.

Over 100 people participated on North Bimini, yet just a handful of people helped out on South Bimini. Bimini Sands & the SharkLab have lead and organized dozens of clean-up efforts around South Bimini over the years, and we were hoping to get help from other homeowners, business owners and residents for the Bimini Pride Day event.

A few Bimini residents that surely enjoyed our efforts were the three Common Nighthawk mothers that had laid eggs along South Bimini's gorgeous western beaches. Nighthawks are voracious predators of various insects, including mosquitoes, so we were very happy to help tidy up around their nests to ensure that the next generation of these birds starts chowing-down on mosquitoes as soon as possible.

Hopefully the next clean-up event will garner a bigger turn-out, but regardless, Bimini Sands is always happy to do our part in keeping Bimini clean and beautiful.



The first annual Bimini Sands Lionfish Bash has been rescheduled for July 8-10, 2011, Bahamian Independence weekend!!!

Join us for this exciting spearfishing/fishing tournament and help the Bahamas declare their independence from the invasive lionfish!! This important and fun event will be capped off with one of the best fireworks shows in the Bahamas!

Click the image above for more information.

Contact us at activities@biminisands.com for more information, and stay tuned to the Bimini Sands Blog for updates!!


Bimini Pride Day - May 21, 2011

Join us May 21, 2011 for the first ever Bimini Pride Day!

Bimini Sands is helping organize an island-wide clean-up campaign to energize the community to keep little Bimini beautiful and clean. Everyone is welcome to join us, and anyone who helps is invited to a fun cook-out event on North Bimini later in the day.

Click the image above for more information, or email us at activities@biminisands.com