Bimini Sands Helps Build the New Porgy Bay Park

Last Saturday, a crew from Bimini Sands teamed up with our colleagues on the Bimini Tourism Advisory Board (BTAB) to help establish a fantastic new park up in Porgy Bay, North Bimini.

Dozens of people from around Bimini joined in to clean up the park property, remove invasive Australian Pine trees, plant dozens of new trees and plants, and build playground equipment for Bimini's youth. By the end of the day, an incredible transformation had taken place and the community of North Bimini was left with a wonderful new playground and gathering place.

Bimini Sands is always looking for ways to help make Bimini better for both visitors, and those of us who live here, and we're extremely happy with the new Porgy Bay Park. Next time you're on Bimini, make sure you check it out!