LIONFISH BASH UPDATE!!! A Charitable Event...

We're less than a month away from the first annual Bimini Sands LIONFISH BASH, and we're going to have plenty of updates coming to the Bimini Sands Blog over the next couple of weeks.

Not only is the LIONFISH BASH going to be a fun and exciting tournament, but it's also being held to raise money for charity.

All profits from the tournament will be donated to
The Jackson Memorial Hospital Paramedical Trust.

Woody Beckham and his family are condo owners here at Bimini Sands. Woody is 22 years old and has always loved the Bahamas, spearfishing and just relaxing in paradise. Recently however, he was tragically injured
playing rugby and is now paralyzed from the chest down. Even though Woody understands there will be many challenges ahead, he still hopes to become a Marine Engineer and hopefully dive again one day.

All of us here at Bimini Sands would like to support Woody in his efforts
and all others facing challenges like his. Because of this, Bimini Sands has decided to donate all profits from this tournament to Woody’s charity of choice: The Jackson Memorial Hospital Paramedical Trust.