Bimini Boa Research on the Bimini Nature Trail

With the opening of the Bimini Nature Trail back in 2008, the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina created one of the most talked-about new attractions around the Bahamas. Since then, the Bimini Nature Trail has welcomed hundreds of guests, numerous school groups from around the Bahamas, and several film and print teams. Now, the Bimini Nature Trail is poised to host our first scientific research crew.

Members of the Global Insular Conservation Society are developing a project aimed at investigating the famous, yet mysterious, Bimini Boa and they have decided to use the Bimini Nature Trail as one of their primary study sites. The Bimini Boa is a completely harmless snake that is found no where else in the world, and is even listed by some conservation groups as an endangered species. And while this beautiful reptile is becoming a more familiar part of Bimini's eco-attractions, there is still little known about its life-history.

The more we know about Bimini's wildlife, the more we will appreciate it, and the more we appreciate it, the more we will work to preserve it. Check out the Global Insular Conservation Society's website HERE to find out more about this exciting project.

And for more information on the Bimini Nature Trail, click HERE.