Get HOOKED With Bimini Sands!

The National Geographic Channel's popular fishing show "HOOKED" has visited South Bimini twice within the last few months. Crews from Hoff Productions, the company that produces HOOKED, have filmed with both the famous Bimini Biological Field Station, as well as the staff of the Bimini Sands Recreation and Activity Department.

It's no secret that Bimini is THE place to come if you want to experience exciting fishing, and with two upcoming episodes of HOOKED to feature Bimini, the fast-approaching 2010 fishing and boating season is bound to be even more exciting than normal with anglers looking to bring home their own incredible fish stories.

Stay tuned to the Bimini Sands blog for more information about the airing dates of these two episodes of HOOKED, and for more information about the show and when you can catch the next episode, Click Here.


Bimini Sands Halloween Party!!!

The Bimini Sands Resort & Marina is always trying to give back to community of Bimini, and especially to the children of this beautiful island. From our free Kid's Club activities for local children, to our Recreation Staff giving lectures and presentations in Bimini's classrooms, we're always looking for fun things that can involve the youth of Bimini. Our annual Halloween party is one of our favorite things though.

Hosted at the Bimini Sands Beach Club, we offer the best children's Halloween on the island. And this years Halloween party was our biggest ever!

Over 150 local children showed up this year to join us in the fun, with scavenger hunts, pumpkin decorating, costume contests and the scariest Haunted House in the Bahamas keeping everyone entertained, and sometimes even frightened. And did we mention the candy? In addition to all the other free fun-and-games, the Bimini Sands team made sure every kid in attendance got their fill of free Halloween candy.

Thank You to everyone who helped out with the party this year, and we're already thinking of ways to make next year's Halloween Party even better!!!

Bimini Sands Shark Free Marina Video

A few months back the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina signed on as the first "Shark Free Marina" in the world, and now the initiative to 'reduce worldwide shark mortality" has taken off to include more than 30 marinas in 4 different countries.

Our friends at OceanicAllstars.com recently posted a video further describing the efforts that Bimini Sands and the Shark-Free Marinas initiative are encouraging. Check out the video below for more information on this important effort, and check out the Bimini Sands YouTube Channel for more videos about the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina.