Bonnie Helps Clean Bimini

Tropical Storm Bonnie blew through the Bahamas last weekend, and while the windy weather made some activities around Bimini a little hard to accomplish, it also gave the crew from the Bimini Sands another chance give back to the local community.

Over the last several years, Bimini Sands has joined the gang from South Bimini's famous SharkLab several times to participate in clean-up efforts around the island, and last Friday we did it again to pick up trash and litter along all the road-sides of South Bimini.

So while the winds of Tropical Storm Bonnie swept through, we were busy sweeping away the litter from our roads and bringing it to the dump.

All of us, visitors and residents, have a responsibility to keep Bimini clean. Whether its cleaning up the beaches, the reefs or the roadways, Bimini Sands has been at it for years. And we'll continue to work towards bringing Bimini a brighter, cleaner future.


Bimini Sands Celebrates US & Bahamian Independence!

Two HUGE celebrations occur in July every year around Bimini, and Bimini Sands has proven to be "the place to be" for these incredible parties.

First, Bimini Sands sets off the best fireworks show in all of the Bahamas to celebrate US Independence on the 4th of July, and not even a week later, we do it all over again on the 10th for Bahamian Independence Day!!!

Food, fun, fishing, and fireworks... Bimini Sands has everything you need to celebrate all summer long!