Just a Random Shot Down by the Beach

A nice Grady White boat coming in the inlet and doing a "wave jumping".


Photos - Labor Day Weekend 2007

Labor Day every year at Bimini Sands is one big party. The resort and marina are booked full and everyone gets in their last blast of the summer. To see the full gallery, click on the link below. Enjoy the pics!

Bimini Nature Trail Grand Opening

Over the past year we have been hard at work developing Bimini's first nature trail. The Bimini Nature Trail allows you to see and view the plants and wildlife of Bimini in their natural environment, a side most visitors never see. The Bimini Boa and other animals are available for handling on our guided tours. This is a one of a kind experience that the whole family can enjoy.

For more details about the Bimini Nature Trail and it s grand opening, please visit the new Bimini Sands Recreation and Activities Department. For more information before your arrival, please call and ask for either of our Activities Directors (Grant and Katie). Or you can email them at katie@biminisands.com

Formula Boats Video Shoot On Bimini

Every year the folks from Formula Boats come over and stay at Bimini Sands when they shoot videos of their new boats. Lot's of great boats and beautiful models (not a bad weekend to visit Bimini Sands...).

Old Website Photo Galleries Still Online

Since we launched the new site, a number of visitors have asked about the photo galleries we had posted on the old site. Don't worry, they're not gone. You can fine them here: www.biminisands.com/gallery


World Famous Bimini Shark Lab

Believe it or not, South Bimini is home to a world famous marine research lab, the Bimini Biological Field Station. Here on the island the organization is known simply as the Shark Lab (and its researchers are sometimes called "sharkies"). As you can guess from the nicknames, the lab focuses on the marine ecology of Bimini with an emphasis on shark research. The lab welcomes visitors and is just a short stroll away from Bimini Sands. Their website is here: Bimini Biological Field Station - BBFS.

Our Activities Directors, Grant and Katie, used to work at the Shark Lab and are always happy to discuss the ecological aspects of Bimini. Not to mention their extensive time on the island makes them the ultimate "insider guides" - so if you have questions about where to go, what to do - just ask Katie or Grant. You can email either one direct at:


Photos - Formula Boats (and models)

More photos from the Formula Boats 2007 photo shoot. And a special thanks to all the Formula folks, they're always one of the most enjoyable groups we host. See you all next year.

Diving the Sapona ("the concrete ship")

The wreck of the Sapona is a popular snorkeling and diving spot for visitors to Bimini. It's also one of the de facto social gathering spots to anchor. It's located just a few miles south of the resort and is easy to get to. Normally you can expect to find a few other boats anchored nearby. The wreck has been in place since the 1920's!

Below is a video from YouTube

Just Another Lousy Day in Paradise

Click on photo to enlarge

View from our beach. Snapped this shot over labor Day Weekend and it was one of the few photos without a boat in the it! The water really is this pretty. Enjoy.

Video - Big Game Fishing in the Pool...

We don't know for certain the circumstances of this video, but it's probably safe to assume a significant amount of Kalik beer was involved...

Nice Release!

Small Boat to Bimini

This is an interesting article written by Dave Kresge (author of the Bimini Guide book). In it he discusses the pros and cons of making the trip from the US to Bimini on his 17-foot boat.

We're not sure Dave has all his marbles intact but there's some excellent advice for boats of any size. You can view the full article here.

Last we spoke to Dave he was threatening to come over on his 13-foot skiff. The man just doesn't learn...

Small boat to Bimini



Video - View From Our Beach

This is a YouTube video that was taken from the beach at Bimini Sands.