Get HOOKED With Bimini Sands!

The National Geographic Channel's popular fishing show "HOOKED" has visited South Bimini twice within the last few months. Crews from Hoff Productions, the company that produces HOOKED, have filmed with both the famous Bimini Biological Field Station, as well as the staff of the Bimini Sands Recreation and Activity Department.

It's no secret that Bimini is THE place to come if you want to experience exciting fishing, and with two upcoming episodes of HOOKED to feature Bimini, the fast-approaching 2010 fishing and boating season is bound to be even more exciting than normal with anglers looking to bring home their own incredible fish stories.

Stay tuned to the Bimini Sands blog for more information about the airing dates of these two episodes of HOOKED, and for more information about the show and when you can catch the next episode, Click Here.