Bahamas Lobster Season is OPEN!!!

The much anticipated opening of the Bahamas lobster season is here!

During your next visit to Bimini, make sure you keep a few things in mind when you're out hunting for "bugs":

- The catch limit is 10 lobsters per boat, not per person.
- The use of SCUBA to harvest any marine resource is PROHIBITED.
- Lobster tail length should be no smaller than 5.5 inches.
- The use of traps, without a specific permit, is PROHIBITED.
- Catching any egg-bearing females is PROHIBITED.
- The use of bleach or any other noxious substances is PROHIBITED.
- While you can use either a pole-spear or Hawaiian sling to capture lobster, spearfishing is PROHIBITED within 200 yards from Bimini's shores.

The Open Season for Lobster in the Bahamas runs from August 1 - March 31, and is thus CLOSED from April 1 - July 31. During the Closed Season it is unlawful for any individual to take, capture, kill, offer for sale, or have in their possession any fresh or live lobster.

Your cooperation is vital to keeping the Bahamian reefs and banks healthy, for all of us to enjoy!.