Flamingo Visits the Beach Club!!!

The Beach Club on South Bimini gets lots of visitors every week, with the Bimini Twist restaurant, Mackey's Sand Bar, the Square Grouper Tiki Bar, the Island Sushi Bar, beautiful beaches, excellent snorkeling, and even KiteBoarding lessons available, there is truly something for everyone. And now it seems as if even the national bird of the Bahamas wants to get in on the fun!

For the last few days, a beautiful West Indian Flamingo has been spending its days hanging out on the flats near the Beach Club. And while they are much more common in the southern islands of the Bahamas, particularly Inagua, every few years a few individuals make a brief stop on Bimini as they migrate around the Caribbean.

So grab your camera and head on down to the Beach Club to see this rare, beautiful sight! We've got plenty of fun and food waiting for you, and the flamingo, to enjoy...