Shark Free Marinas & Baby Sharks on National Geographic

In January of 2009, Bimini Sands became the first official Shark Free Marina in the Bahamas. In an effort to help keep the oceans clean and fish stocks thriving, we're asking that our guests strictly practice "Catch & Release" with all sharks hooked around Bimini. Our Recreation & Activities Directors, Grant & Katie, are actually former shark researchers and are always willing to discuss the importance of sharks to the Bahamas, and the oceans as a whole.

Now, after just a few short months, the Shark Free Marinas Initiative is steadily gaining momentum!

More and more marinas around the Bahamas are signing on every week, and the initiative is even spilling over to other countries around the globe.

Check our the new Shark Free Marinas website here, and click the video below for more info on this important effort.

And in other Shark News, Bimini Sands was recently listed at the end of an exciting episode of the National Geographic Channel's hit show "In the Womb." The crew from Nat Geo came to Bimini last year to work with Bimini's famous lemon shark population, and like many other production companies, they chose Bimini Sands Resort & Marina for their accomodations. Click here for more info on the show.