Bimini Sands & Coastal Awareness Month

April is Coastal Awareness Month in the Bahamas. Every year during April, the Ministry of Tourism helps organize events and clean-up campaigns around the islands, in addition to making an extra effort to educate both locals and visitors about the importance of the Bahamian environment. This year, the team from Bimini Sands was asked to help out.

During the first week of April, a team from the Bimini Sands Recreation & Activity Center teamed up with the SharkLab to give a series of presentations and lectures at all three of the schools on North Bimini. First was the Holy Name Catholic School, followed by two separate presentations at the Bimini All Ages School, and finally the Gateway Christian Academy.

The goal of these presentations was not only to provide information to the students, but also to motivate them to join us in the Beach Clean-Up on April 4. And it seemed to have worked. Both North and South Bimini had great turn-outs for the Beach Clean-Up, and after a few hours of hard work we were able to remove several hundred pounds of trash and debris from Bimini's western beaches.

So far, Coastal Awareness Month has been a great success, and we've still got 3 weeks left to go!