Bimini Marine Protected Area Declared

A few years back, Bimini was proposed as the highest-priority site in all of the Bahamas for a Marine Protected Area, and last night a team of esteemed dignitaries from Nassau visited North Bimini to declare that the MPA had officially been designated.

By establishing Bimini's MPA, the government of the Bahamas has taken a bold and highly encouraging step towards building a sustainable future for the islands of Bimini, and well beyond. As the only marine nursery habitat on the western Great Bahama Bank, Bimini's mangrove nurseries replenish thousands of square miles of the ocean. By securing this MPA, Bimini's marine ecosystem will forever have a foundation to grow from.

The benefits from Bimini's MPA should be widespread and long-lasting, hopefully including a sustained sport-fishing and eco-tourism industry, as well as sustenance for local Biminites and habitat for a wealth of native wildlife.

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